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Гримм в стихах

Часы, проведенные в сказочной стране
Сказки Бр.Гримм
Нью-Йорк, 1883 год



Заколдованная принцесса








Белоснежка и Алоцветик

Стихотворная версия Джозефин Поллард

Once on a time, in a lonely cot
A widow lived, near a garden spot,
And the garden was rich with the sweet perfume
Of two rose-trees in luxuriant bloom

O beautiful blossoms the rose-trees bore,
Such roses had never been seen before
And they stood near the doorway close in sight,
One is red, and the other in white

The widow lived with her daughters there -
Two little daughters - and one was fair,
With a skin as white as the driven snow
While the other's was bright with a crimson glow

She called the fairest White Rose, for she
Reminded her so of the white rose-tree;
While the other, whose color now rose and fell,
Was called Red Rose, and it suited well

O better children could not be found
Anywhere else in the country round,
Good, obedient, kind, and true,
Like, yet unlike, were these maidens two

И так далее....








Шесть лебедей









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